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Stay Well Premier

    Stay Well Premier


    When away from home, we are distanced from our daily biological rhythms and exposed to countless unknowns, environmental hazards and discomforts. Stay Well Premier is designed to mitigate these variables by introducing scientifically validated features into the guest room to optimize health, vitality, relaxation and well-being. The Air Purification system reduces allergens, toxins and other microbes. The Stay Well Mattress, a natural memory foam derived from plant extracts provides optimal support while the encasement helps maintain a more hygienic sleep environment. Available in King, Double Queen, or Jr. Suite bedding configurations with a maximum capacity of 4 guests.

    Purify & Rejuvenate

    • Air Purification - Enjoy six stages of ultra-quiet filtration including a HEPA, odor and carbon filter. Air is purified 4 times per hour and reduces pollen, mold spores, odors and other pollutants
    • Energizing Light - Bright white light increases serotonin providing mental acuity and levels of alertness. Great for guests experiencing jetlag as the light shifts the body’s natural sleep and wake cycle
    • Aromatherapy - Enjoy the scent of natural essential oils with the ability to customize your level of scent
    • Shower Infuser - Reduces chlorine, which can dry the skin, hair and nails
    • Drinking Water Filtration - Enjoy purified drinking water from your sink. The Stay Well Water Filter removes chemicals, and pollutants from your sink water.

    Sleep & Rest

    • Stay Well Mattress - Comprised of natural memory foam material providing optimal, contouring support and deep pressure relief. This cooling mattress is made of hevea milk, plant extracts and essential oils. The mattress encasement is comprised of 3 layers; a top soft and smooth cotton layer; a middle breathable and waterproof layer; and a bottom 100% cotton layer for increased strength and durability.
    • Night Lighting - Subtle lighting in the bathroom provides illumination for safe navigation while minimizing sleep disruption
    • Soundscape - Rhythmic sounds help lull you to sleep or unwind from a stressful day. Choose from 6 natural sounds including Rain, White Noise, Brook, Ocean, Summer Night and Thunder
    • Dawn Simulator - Wake up gently, gradually and more naturally with increasing levels of light and sound

    Fitness & Wellness

    • Nalu Kinetic Spa Membership - Stay Well guests receive Nalu Kinetic Spa's Membership privileges during their stay which includes unlimited fitness classes, special discounts at the spa and more.
    • In-Room Fitness Equipment - Enjoy the convenience of fitness equipment in your room including a yoga mat, stability ball, and a Rad Roller All in kit
    • Cleveland Clinic and Wellness - Guests receive complimentary access to award-winning Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs. Programs include “GO! FOODS FOR YOU”, “GO! TO SLEEP” and “STRESS FREE NOW”
    • Nutritious Menu Options - In-room dining with a special curated menu of nutritious food choices provided by Turtle Bay's Executive Chef

Stay Well Premier