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Specialty Services from our Turtle Bay Spa

  • Nalu (Wave) Therapy

    Nalu Kinetic Spa is the only spa Oahu offers with Wave Motion Therapy. Provided on a specially designed massage table, our signature Nalu treatment mimics the buoyancy of water and the healing rhythm of the ocean. Deep release is achieved through gentle rocking, gliding and kinetic movements. The rotation of the table allows our therapists to enhance techniques such as compressions, stretching and joint release. Please wear loose fitting clothes.

    60 / 90 minutes $145 / $210

  • Watch Wave Therapy in Action: Video

  • Chi Balance and Harmony

    This Japanese practice stimulates the body’s natural healing power. Treating the body as a whole helps restore the balance within the bodies energy (chi) flow. The uniqueness of this Zen Shiatsu practice incorporates stretches and manipulation along with interactive pressure to the body. This treatment is appropriate for anyone, including those wishing to release stress and anxiety, relieve digestion issues, reduce chronic pain and increase vitality. Please wear loose fitting clothes.

    90 minutes $225

  • Mother Nurture

    Our specialized pre and perinatal massage is a safe, nurturing and effective way to reduce many of the adverse results of stress and accompanying discomforts. Therapists are specially trained to comfortably position pregnant or perinatal guests to ease tension, enhance sleep patterns, balance emotions and bring ongoing relief to changing bodies.

    90 minutes $225

  • Reflexology

    Specific trigger points on the feet are stimulated to help remove blockages in the nervous system, helping to relieve pain, stress and promoting wellbeing.

    60 minutes $140

  • * In-Room Massage services are available for an additional $75 per treatment

  • Bride of Paradise

    Bridal Hair Design

    Bridal Makeup

    Signature Manicure

    Signature Pedicure

    4 hours $330

    Upgrade to Trial Hair & Makeup $470