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Surfer, The Bar: A stage for Hawaiian musicianship. A soapbox for Talk Story. You never know who's going to drop in! Share your legendary memories online with #SurferTheBar

The Point

Enjoy watching the waves, live musicians and great cocktails at The Point: Sunset & Pool Bar. . Stop by for a refreshing break and one of the island's best drinks, The Shaken Sunset. See you #AtThePoint!


Turtle Bay Resort is located about a 10 minute drive from the Polynesian Cultural Center, home of the most authentic Hawaiian Luau. Where a feast fit for a king, the royal ceremony of ancient luaus is recreated. Gentle waterfalls, hibiscus blossoms, palms and a meandering lagoon form the backdrop of what the Kahili Awards called "the most authentic luau in Hawai'i." Arguably the best luau in Oahu, and a definite hit with visitors and locals alike.


Surfing is full of colorful, charismatic and creative characters whose contributions to the world span far beyond the waves. Talk Story brings their tall but true tales directly to you.


Check out Turtle Bay's TOP 10 Shot list and visit the North Shore Water Shed during your stay to pick up a GoPro - capture epic photos and videos of your adventures at Turtle Bay and post them online! #TurtleBayResort


The first waves of migration from Polynesia to the Hawaiian Islands likely began 3,000 years ago. In 1100 AD , as Hawaiian settlement of the islands spread north from the Big Island, Oahu and the North Shore region became home to early Hawaiian communities that thrived at ocean, land and streams junctures such as the Anahulu Stream and Waimea Valley.


Turtle Bay is regularly visited by a number of intriguing marine mammals and endangered species including humpback whales, dolphins and monk seals, as well as green and hawksbill sea turtles... we’re not called Turtle Bay for nothing!


Discover the two Ahu's on proeprty. These Hawaiian altars are the ‘ahupua’a demarcation between the ‘ahupua’a land division boundaries of Kawela-Opana to the west and Hanaka’oe to east. ‘Ahupua’a - Literally the altar (‘ahu) of the pig (pua’a), Named for both a land division and the stone altar that serves as a marker. The ‘ahupua’a system of land management was a cornerstone of traditional Hawaiian life and helped Native Hawaiians to develop one of the most sustainable methods of land use in the world.

Martin & Co.

Turtle Bay is a proud partner with Martin & Co. This partnership gives our guests the ability to make sweet melodies. All Turtle Bay guests staying in-house can rent a Martin & Co ukulele or guitar for a small daily fee, or purchase the instruments from the North Shore Water Shed.