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The only destination on Oahu’s fabled North Shore immerses you in authentic Hawaii. Watermen thunder from Pipeline and Waimea, and in placid bays paddling.  Welcome to the 7-mile miracle.

The Hans Hedemann Surf Center is conveniently located just footsteps away from the main Turtle Bay Resort, these are the best surf lessons Oahu can offer, and are just over by The Point – Sunset & Pool Bar. The two-hour Hawaii surfing lessons go out three times daily at 9 am, noon, and 3 pm. It starts with a 20-minute land lesson where students learn proper water safety and etiquette, paddling technique, turning the surfboard, maneuvering over waves and positioning to stand up and ride your first wave. The rest of the time, about an hour and a half, is spent in the water learning to stand and ride waves!

Private Surf Lessons

Private Surf Lessons are for those who want to start riding fast. Have your own private guide to catch more waves or for those who may have difficulty paddling out on your own. Nothing beats one on one instruction to help quickly master the techniques needed to take on the legendary Hawaiian surf.

*For safety reasons, ALL children ages 14 and younger are required to have one on one instruction.

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Semi-Private Surfing Lesson

Semi-Private Surfing Lessons Oahu style are for two people who want to learn to surf together with a private instructor. Semi-Private Hawaii surfing lessons are great for couples and friends.

*Must have two people in your party to make a semi-private reservation.

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Group Surfing lessons

The Hans Hedemann Surf School also offers group surfing lessons that provide the best value for your money and give you a safe environment to learn in. Grab a group of friends and learn how to surf, or come by yourself, and we’ll find a group for you! A group of 3 to 4 surfers* team up with an instructor.

*Must be 15 or older, and able to paddle out to your instructors.

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All of the equipment necessary for the Oahu surf lesson is also included: surfboard, leash, rash guard lycras, and instruction. Just bring your own swimwear and towel for after the lesson.

Contact the GUIDEPOST by email or by dialing 1.866.475.2569 for more information.