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Seven Sweet Dates at Turtle Bay Resort

horseback turtle bay resort kiss

Oh, love is in the air on the North Shore of Oahu. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and you may want to wine and dine with candlelight. But why not skip the typical dinner this time and try something new?

If you are up for a different Valentine's date, keep reading!

Turtle Bay’s Top Seven Valentine’s Dates


1. Get Giddy on a Horseback Sunset Ride

turtle bay resort sunset ride

Romance movies, fairy tales and streamy novels tend to have the couple riding off into the sunset at the end - talk about dreamy. There’s something magical when you pair horses and sunsets. This experience is destined to be extra enchanting for you and your valentine.


Take a Hike at Turtle Bay Resort

hike turle bay


Five Reasons Turtle Bay Golf is the Best on Oahu

Paalmer 17

Did you know Turtle Bay Resort is the ONLY resort on Oahu that has two championship golf courses!? Two legends of golf - Arnold Palmer and George Fazio - boldly chose to leave their indelible mark on this untouched portion of the North Shore. Yeah, we may seem a little biased, but we know Turtle Bay is THE place for golfers to get their game on in Hawaii.

Five Reasons Turtle Bay Golf is the Best on Oahu

1. Double the fun!
As we stated above, there are two championship courses, the Palmer and the Fazio, for guests to play at Turtle Bay Resort.