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Turtle Bay Hosts Gerry Lopez Surf and Yoga Retreat

There aren’t many surfers alive who are more respected than Gerry Lopez. Through his cat-like grace and tranquil approach, Gerry redefined how surfers approached Pipeline in the 1970s. Regarded as one of the most dangerous waves on the planet, Gerry showed the surfing world that it was possible to sit deeper, drop in later, and spend more time behind the curtain at Pipe than was ever thought possible—all the while his characteristic nonchalance, a trait he credits to the decades he’s spent practicing yoga.


Get Ready for the Ride(s) of Your Life

Turtle Bay is not your typical resort. We thirst for adventure. We relish the prospect of uncovering a hidden trail, of surfing a secret peak, of finding our own slice of sand away from the crowds. Here on the North Shore, we don’t count our days; we make our days count. And that’s something that fills us all with a great deal of pride. After all, the North Shore, with its bounty of adventure, requires us to step ever so slightly beyond our comfort zone and into a brighter, and at time more exhilarating, lifestyle. Below, we’re serving up three adventures to make your next North Shore trip one that you’ll never forget.


Welcome to Nalu

No matter how adventurous your North Shore adventure may be, we all need to take some time to rejuvenate. At the Kinetic Spa at Turtle Bay, you’ll be treated to an experience unlike any other that will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the day. So what makes the Kinetic Spa at Turtle Bay so special, you ask? Nalu Kinetic Spa is about taking a holistic approach to your body. With a focus on fitness as well as rejuvenation, the spa offers guests and opportunity to workout with specialized classes and then treat themselves to an out-of-this world spa experience.