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Our Top Three Summer Adventures For Your Family

At Turtle Bay Resort, we believe that there's always an adventure to be had. Whether it's swimming with sharks or exploring a hidden trail, an adventure is always around the corner. To make it even easier for you to seize the day, we've highlighted our three favorte family friendly adventures below. 

Canoe Surfing with the Family: The Ride of Your Life

From your vantage point in the outrigger, you can perfectly see the wave approaching. As the swell marches steadily toward you, a sense of excitement fills the warm Hawaiian air. All around you, the water glistens and the smell of salt lingers overhead.


Roxy's #RunSUPYoga Comes to Turtle Bay This Saturday

Surrounded by miles of pristine shoreline and the warm Hawaiian sea, you’d be hard pressed to find a place more perfect to keep fit than Turtle Bay. And wouldn’t you know it, we’re not the only people to hold the North Shore in such high esteem. On Saturday May 30, Roxy, the female surf and fitness brand, is bringing their international #RunSupYoga event to Turtle Bay.

For only $5 per event, you’re invited to partake in a day of adventure and exercise that you’ll never forget as you run (hey, it’s only a 5K) SUP (conditions are going to be perfect!) and do some yoga (a little stretching never hurt anyone) in what will surely shape up as a perfect Saturday. Grab your buddy, your yoga mat, and a comfy bikini and join us at Turtle Bay this Saturday.


Three Ways the North Shore Will Change Your Life

The North Shore will change your life. Sound like hyperbole? It’s not. With our breathtaking ocean views, sweeping vistas, golden sand beaches, and lush mountains, you’re bound to have some sort of life-altering moment when you visit the North Shore. Below, we’ve outlined three ways your next North Shore vacation will change you.