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Five Reasons to Fall for Turtle Bay, Reason 2: The Festivals

This fall, the North Shore will be abuzz with an array of events. Kicking off the lineup, we’ll be showcasing our famous Red Bull edition Talk Story
night on September 2nd at Surfer, the Bar. For this very special evening, we’ll be chatting with the renowned base-jumping visionary Jon Devore, who helped pioneer the latest innovations in unwinged human flight. Devore is changing the game, and by the end of the night, you’ll believe a man could fly.


Get Ready for the Second Annual Turtle Bay Biathlon

The Turtle Bay biathlon is just around the corner. Whether you’re an avid multisport athlete or just looking to get some exercise surrounded by some of the most gorgeous scenery in Hawaii, this is the biathlon for you. The race, which takes place over Labor Day weekend on September 6, will feature both a long and short-course track.

As far as the physical course is concerned, the race will see competitors begin the swim portion at one of two locations, depending on whether they choose the short or long course. Those swimming in the long course will hit the water in front of Ola’s and will make their way around Kulima point before finishing the 1800 meter swim.


Turtle Bay Hosts Gerry Lopez Surf and Yoga Retreat

There aren’t many surfers alive who are more respected than Gerry Lopez. Through his cat-like grace and tranquil approach, Gerry redefined how surfers approached Pipeline in the 1970s. Regarded as one of the most dangerous waves on the planet, Gerry showed the surfing world that it was possible to sit deeper, drop in later, and spend more time behind the curtain at Pipe than was ever thought possible—all the while his characteristic nonchalance, a trait he credits to the decades he’s spent practicing yoga.