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Talk Story Takes It Up An Octave

Overlooking a picturesque North Shore sunset, seven-time surfing world champ Layne Beachley sits down for a Talk Story session at Turtle Bay Resort’s Surfer the Bar. With a crowd of guests seated before her, she opens up about a wealth of issues, including how she envisions surfing evolving in the coming decades. The mood in the room is comfortable, with the guests sippin’ on craft cocktails and savoring an array of dining options, and the crowd hangs on Layne’s words. With Turtle Bay’s own Rocky Cannon acting as moderator, these Talk Story sessions offer up a venue unlike anything else you’ll find in the world. And now, through a partnership with action sports website Grind TV, Talk Story is about to become better than ever.


Ocean Fest Returns To Turtle Bay

Under a perfect spring day, the fifth annual North Shore Ocean Fest kicked off at Turtle Bay on June 4, drawing hundreds of families to the resort’s grounds and coastline for the free daylong event. As a means to celebrate and educate the people—and especially keiki of Hawaii—on the importance of protecting our seas, this year’s gathering was a huge success. Complete with live music, student art and poetry presentations, food booths, art and crafts vendors, more than 30 informational booths, and a keiki hula show, Ocean Fest helped strengthen our community while simultaneously educating the public about the plights facing our oceans.


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Comes to Turtle Bay

Hollywood loves the North Shore. And what’s not to love? Beautiful beaches: check. Perfect weather: check. Heck, with so many television and movies shooting in the islands, there’s even a local film industry in place to support larger crews when the big cameras are ready to roll. Plain and simple, it’s a paradise and it’s easy to see why so many movies are filmed here. And while films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 50 First Dates, Soul Surfer and Pearl Harbor have all shot here, a new comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, is the latest flick to feature the North Shore.