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Let's Talk story Category: Surfing

Welcome to Haleiwa, the First Stop of the Triple Crown

As varied of a wave as any on the North Shore, Haleiwa, also commonly known as Ali’i Beach Park, can play the role of seduction with her near-perfect lines and open face just as easily as she can play the role of a malicious monster with her thunderous inside bowl and shoulder-searing currents. As the maiden event in the Tripe Crown, whose holding period begins on November 12, Haleiwa holds a special place in the heart of all North Shore surfers as it was right here, amid these hallowed waves, that many of our greatest surfers actually learned to surf.


A Surfing Hero Comes Home

On a sun-washed afternoon on O’ahu’s North Shore, a black truck slowly pulls itself down Kamehameha Highway. Seated inside the truck is the newly minted surfing world champ, North Shore local John John Florence. On both sides of the road, throngs of fans cheer and chant his mane. John John! John John! They scream. It’s a moment reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting; it’s heartwarming. This is their champ. John John Florence. And he is home.


The Art of Surfing According to Hans Hedemann