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Let's Talk story Category: Surfing

It's Time to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, your knees are shaking slightly and your heart is racing. Twenty feet below you stands the ocean. This is crazy, you tell yourself. But then, another voice calls out, compelling you to step outside of your comfort zone and take the plunge. And with that voice urging you on, you take a deep breath and leap off the cliff and into the ocean. By the time you make it to the surface, you can’t fight back your smile; you've never felt this alive.


The Rebirth of the Red Bird Board

On the North Shore, the Jones ohana are one of the most well-liked and respected families calling the seven-mile miracle home. As is often true in Hawaii, the entire family surfs. In the case of the Joneses—Malia, Daniel, Mikala, and Keoni—they all surf exceptionally well. Their father, John, is also an accomplished surfer in his own right, even appearing in Surfer Magazine in the 1970s, gracefully threading a tube  on a dashing red board board. The photo, along with the board, would hold a special place for the family for decades to come. A photographic representation of their surfing lineage. 


Kai Lenny Foils Through The Sea

Just when you thought that Turtle Bay Ambassador and Maui native Kai Lenny has racked up every achievement possible as a fully fledged waterman, he goes and does something like this. Earlier this week, Kai dropped a video of him flying over the water on a tweaked SUP shape that left many of us scratching our heads. It’s technically called Downwind Hydrofoiling and it’s nothing short of a miracle. As Kai says in the clip above, “this is a game-changer.”