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4 Reasons 4 January!

Posted on Wed, 2015/12/16 - 2:21pm by Taryn Alyssa Kuroda


1) Makahiki – An all-ages community event, Makahiki Kuilima celebrates the first sighting of Makali'i, the constellation Pleiades, as it rises above the horizon at sunset. It's the beginning of a 4 month period honoring Lono, the god worshipped for peace, prosperity and fertility. During this season tributes were made, battles ceased and sporting competitions thrived. Hawaiians used this time to refine their athletic skills, emphasize spiritual and cultural renewal and enjoy the prosperity of their land. At Turtle Bay we celebrate by having a festival that serves to preserve, perpetuate, educate and share Hawaiian cultural traditions, values and practices through the emphasis of the Hawaiian language and Makahiki traditions. 

2) Weather/Kohola Season – January is known for its constant weather that typically ranges between 80-76 degrees. Finally out of Hurricane season, we get the cool trade winds, pumping surf, lush waterfalls, and incredible sunsets. This constant warm weather also brings some larger visitors as it will be the peak of Whale Watching season in Hawai’i. Migrating here for the warm waters, they come to breed, calve, and nurse their offspring.

3) Relaxi-cation – It may be freezing where you are, but it’s nice and warm here! It’s the perfect timing between winter and spring breaks, so school is back in session. That means it’s the prime time for travelers who prefer a less electric resort style. Leave your turtle necks at home and bare it all on our sandy shores! 


4) The Volcom Pipe Pro – Imagine you’re sitting on the beach, watching locals and pros surf side by side for a $75,000 prize. In the Volcom Pipe Pro, 112 world-class surfers compete and use this contest as a gateway for non-World Tour surfers to enter to compete for Pipe Masters later on in the year. The top 16 Hawaiians competing will be sent to the Pipe Invitational, which serves as the trials for pipe Masters.