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Epic Night at Surfer With Rob Machado and Kelly Slater

Posted on Wed, 2015/12/16 - 11:16am by Taryn Alyssa Kuroda

Monday night was abuzz at Surfer, the Bar with an awesome Talk Story with Inertia, Rob Machado, and Kelly Slater celebrating their premiere of HI-5: Rob Machado & Surfing’s Greatest Heat. It was Inertia’s 5th anniversary, as well as the 20th anniversary of the most iconic high five in surf history.

In 1995, the world title came down to Rob and Kelly. The swell was perfect, setting up barrel after barrel. Rob was in the best position to take priority over Kelly, and with a potentially heat-saving wave coming up; surely he would go for it. This would have been Rob’s first world title, but instead he carved back and slapped Kelly a high five, foregoing his priority. This unthinkable act ended up giving Kelly the Pipe Masters win along with his third world title.

This story of sportsmanship sparked HI-5: Rob Machado & Surfing's Greatest Heat. Stay tuned to The Inertia for a full cut of the Talk Story!