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Get Your Glow On With a HydraFacial Treatment at Turtle Bay Resort

Posted on Sat, 2018/08/18 - 3:47pm by Jessica Gellert

Avigale LaGrass with HydraFacial Turtle Bay
(Director of Wellness Avigale Lagrass poses near the HydraFacial machine)

Who’s ready to glow?! Turtle Bay Resort’s Award-Winning Nalu Kinetic Spa is one of only three on the island of Oahu to offer the new HydraFacial treatment.

We talked story with Turtle Bay Director of Wellness Avigale Lagrass about the new and exciting treatment now being offered.

1. Why is the HydraFacial so special?

The HydraFacial is a Hydraderm service that gives a much deeper facial.  The treatment cleanses beneath the dermis, peels, extracts, and hydrates while fusing and protecting the skin with boosters and serums.  

2. How long does a treatment take?

We offer a 50-minute signature facial and an 80-minute platinum facial. The 80-minute treatment includes a facial lymphatic drainage massage. 

3. Lymphatic Drainage - what is that? 

Apart from being blissfully relaxing, lymphatic drainage decreases facial puffiness, boosts the immune system, smoothes cellulite and soothes sore muscles. Lymphatic drainage massage helps deliver cellular waste (including viruses and bacteria) to the lymph nodes. Drainage is essential because the lymphatic system lacks a pump of its own to transport lymph through the body and must rely on movement and massage to flush the fluid. Lymphatic drainage massage is good at reducing swelling, healing acne, relieving fatigue, and also helps the body detox.

4. Wow! That sounds amazing. How are the results?
Your skin will feel hydrated and smooth. You will see a decrease in fine lines, sun damage, and brown spots, and oily skin with each session.

5. It sounds like the fountain of youth! What skin types are the HydraFacial for?

The great thing is HydraFacial is available for ALL skin types! 

6. How does it work?

The HydraFacial uses a device that extracts congestion from your skin while fusing boosters and serums into the skin. There is no other device that fuses serums into your skin.

7. What has your personal experience with the HydraFacial been like? 
I normally have very dry skin, every single time I receive a HydraFacial my skin instantly feels revived. I love the lymphatic drainage on my face since it helps release any toxins. 

Here is a look at the 80-minute treatment step by step with North Shore resident and Fitness Influencer, Luana Owan

The Before and After Shots

Luana Hydrafacial beforeLuana Hydrafacial After


Step 1: Cleanse and Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphatic Drainage is only with the 80-minute treatment)

Luana Hydrafacial step 1

Step 2: Lactic Acid Cleanse

Luana Hydarfacial step 2

Step 3: Glycolic Acid/ Peel

Luana Hydrafacial step 3

Step 4: Extractions

Luana Hydrafacial Step 4

Step 5: Hydrating Calming Mask

Luana Step 5

Step 6: Hylauronic and Peptides

 Luana Hydrafacial Step 6

Step 7: Red Light Therapy

Luana Hydrafacial lights  

There you have it! The HydraFacial is a great addition to any skincare routine. The services are performed by an esthetician in an ocean view treatment room. After the facial, the esthetician will help recommend the best products for your skin.

A 50-minute treatment starts at $280.

Nalu Kinetic Spa is offering complimentary skin consultations and has memberships available to help members keep their skin healthy regularly.

Don’t miss the Yoga & Bubbly event on Friday, September 14, 4-8 p.m. Attendees will enjoy a live yoga class by the sea, tropical mimosas, and mini spa services. If you book your HydraFacial at this event you can enjoy a special rate! Contact our Nalu Kinetic Spa team to book your pampering in paradise today:  (808) 447-6868.