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Guests Get Dirty on Earth Day

Posted on Wed, 2015/04/22 - 2:32pm by Jessica Gellert

A few miles from Haleiwa town right across the street from the Dillingham Airfield you’ll find Army Beach. The beach boasts amazing views of the North Shore, a great surf break and perfect conditions for snorkeling and swimming. What it is also known for is how much trash tends to find its way there.

“Every time I come here the sand becomes more and more black, because of all the bonfires,” said Waialua resident Jodi Wilmott, “It’s really sad.”

This Earth Day Turtle Bay teamed up with Sustainable Coastlines to give the beach some much needed TLC. Guests and employees were invited to put on some gloves and get to work picking up trash.

Guests Gary and Diane Tsyporin came from San Francisco to the North Shore to enjoy its beauty.

“We love it here.” Said Diane. “We just wanted to help keep it beautiful.”

And that’s just what they did. The couple covered about a mile of beach producing pounds and pounds of trash.

“It’s disgusting,” said Gary. “But I am just glad we could help. Now we plan on looking for an eco activity like this on each of our vacations. It feels good to help. ”

 The result of volunteers efforts... this pile of trash.  

To make a difference while you stay with us at Turtle Bay, be sure to participate in our monthly clean-ups. You can get more information from our Guides at the Guidepost in the lobby.

How did you make a difference on Earth Day or every day? Comment below for you chance to win a Turtle Bay T-Shirt!

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My husband and I live on the mainland in Marin County just north of San Francisco with a population of about 260,000 people. We have banned all single use plastic bags and everyone I know has reusable shopping bags in their car trunk or purse and we all use them. Most offices and shops and all condos apartments and homes all have separate recycle bins in easy view and we have a service in place to collect all recyclables each week. We can do without those plastic bags; it's so easy. It is frowned upon if you don't recycle here. So when my husband and I heard about a beach cleanup with Sustainable Coastline on Army Beach happening during our vacation, we signed up to help out. Hawaii gives us so much pleasure we wanted to give back by lending a hand. I hope Hawaii embraces their upcoming ban on single use plastic because after all it is the right thing to do. Aloha, Diane and Gary Tsyporin