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Know Before You Go: Our Top North Shore Travel Tips

Posted on Tue, 2018/05/08 - 11:45am by Jeff Mull

Whether you’re visiting from the other side of the island, or the other side of the world, we welcome you! Before you arrive on Oahu’s North Shore, here’s a few things to keep in mind. —Jodi Wilmott

Here in Hawaii, we respectfully acknowledge the Hawaiian people and kupuna past and present. When visiting with us, please take time to reflect on Hawaiian people’s deep relationship with the land and ocean. As you explore your own connections with our people and place, please recognize your own responsibility to travel thoughtfully.

Forget the Weather! Oahu’s North Shore – present day and historic – is comprised of equal parts surf and agriculture. We basically have two seasons you will know by wave size and fresh produce. That’s why you’re sure to find us either surfing or talking story over food!  Winter: Expect giant waves of up to 50 feet, fresh local citrus and local kids’ lemonade stands. Summer: The ocean goes completely flat. Surfboards are traded for paddleboards and snorkel gear, and it’s time for mangos, lychee, and tropical flower lei stalls.

Know Your Ocean Ability. There are many epic and storied surf spots along the North Shore, ranging from entry level to expert only! Similar to green (beginner) to double black (expert) runs at a ski resort. If you are new to the waves and beaches of the North Shore, we highly recommend checking in with a lifeguard to discuss conditions and the best breaks for your ability level, or enquire about a North Shore Elite Guide at Turtle Bay. We want your stay to be absolutely safe and positively memorable!

Beach Etiquette. A few simple things can go a long way…like maintaining space between yourself and others when you arrive to the beach; packing your trash out and taking a little extra if you come upon it as you leave; not swimming close to the fishing lines of local beach fishermen; not walking through private yards to access the coastline.

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Loved our stay at Turtle Bay, in March. Hoping to come back very soon! I miss my Hawaii, didn't realize how much until I was there again. My parents were born and raised in Hawaii, as were my brother and I. I am part Hawaiian by birth, all Hawaiian by heart.