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The Rebirth of the Red Bird Board

Posted on Thu, 2016/05/12 - 1:44pm by Jeff Mull

On the North Shore, the Jones ohana are one of the most well-liked and respected families calling the seven-mile miracle home. As is often true in Hawaii, the entire family surfs. In the case of the Joneses—Malia, Daniel, Mikala, and Keoni—they all surf exceptionally well. Their father, John, is also an accomplished surfer in his own right, even appearing in Surfer Magazine in the 1970s, gracefully threading a tube  on a dashing red board board. The photo, along with the board, would hold a special place for the family for decades to come. A photographic representation of their surfing lineage. 

Unfortunately, Daniel Jones, broke this special board. While sidelined after suffering a very serious injury, Daniel took the initiative to reshape the famous Red Bird Board. The fruits of his labor are displayed in the clip above and Big Red Bird flies once again.