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Stand Up World Tour Kicks Off 2016 with Epic Contests

Posted on Wed, 2016/02/17 - 10:27am by Jessica Gellert

Congrats to all of the amazing athletes who came out for the 2016 Stand Up World Tour Sunset Beach Pro presented by Turtle Bay Resort.

Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) won his second victory in this competition.

The Stand Up World Tour Organizer Tristan Boxford says, "Caio's ability to adapt and excel in any kind of conditions is evident and what secured him the 2015 World Title, as once again here at Sunset, he dominated all his heats through to the Final, from the full size pumping surf of the first few days, to the blustery and incredibly challenging conditions on the Final Day, Caio was able to turn it on. In the final, Caio made the challenging conditions look like a walk in the park, posting another excellent range score right off the bat to put the pressure on the other 3 finalists. He was then able to back it up with a mid range score to secure victory, an incredible achievement for this young Brazilian Champion."

The laddies conquered epic surf conditions off Turtle Bay's pool bar February 4-5, with Izzie Gomez taking home the victory.

Make sure to check out highlights, galleries and much more from this historic World Championship Tour Opener at