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#ThirstyThursday: Mint to Be Cocktail

Posted on Tue, 2019/12/17 - 11:45am by Jessica Gellert

Turtle Bay Cocktail


Tis the season to be jolly and the way we see it, you and this very merry Christmas cocktail are meant to be!

Our crew at the Point Sunset & Pool Bar created this special drink called the Mint to Be,  to help spread some holiday happiness.

The Mint to Be is a combination of our popular lava flow with a pop of fresh mint. 

It is not on the menu, so let one of our bartenders know it’s “mint to be” and they will serve you some joy in a cup.  Aren’t here with us this? You can make it at home with the recipe below!


First you need to make Turtle Bay Resort’s signature pina colada mix. 



  • 15 oz of pineapple juice 

  • 15 oz of coconut cream

  • 1 quart of Half & Half 


  • Ice 

  • Hana Bay White Rum

  • Strawberry puree

  • Fresh Mint Leaves


*This is for one Mint to Be cocktail

1. Add 8oz of the Pina Colada mixture, 1 cup of ice, two sprigs of fresh mint leaves  & 1 ¼ shots of Hana Bay Premium Light Rum. 

2. Blend while swaying your hips like you are doing the hula. (seriously)

3. Pour strawberry puree on bottom of glass and then add the perfectly blended mixture.  (You can stop swaying your hips now)

4. Garnish with a pineapple slice, cherry and sprig of fresh mint.

5. Drink in the joy and spread some Christmas cheer!

Let us know how your Mint to Be turned out below and share which #ThirstyThursday recipe you want to stir-up the fun with next. Cheers!