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#ThirstyThursday: Pina Colada

Posted on Tue, 2017/07/04 - 8:04am by Jessica Gellert

Pina Colada by the Pool

Imagine yourself chilling by the pool, the ocean mist kisses your cheek and you have a Turtle Bay Pina Colada in your hand. You take a sip, ahh this is paradise! Not staying at Turtle Bay Resort right now? No worries! You can still have a taste of paradise by enjoying our legendary Pina Colada wherever you are.

Get ready to share paradise in a glass with your friends, this recipe makes a gallon of our special Pina colada mix!


- 15 oz of pineapple juice
- 15 oz of coconut cream
- 1 quart of Half & Half

- Ice
- Hana Bay White Rum

LET'S GET BLENDING *This is for one Pina Colada:
1. Add 8oz of the Pina Colada mixture, 1 cup of ice & 1 ¼ shots of Hana Bay Premium Light Rum.
2. Blend while swaying your hips like you are doing the hula. (seriously)
3. Pour the perfectly blended mixture into a tall glass. (You can stop swaying your hips now)
4. Garnish with a pineapple slice & a cherry.
5. Drink in the ALOHA!

Let us know how your Pina Colada turns out below and share which #ThirstyThursday recipe you want to stir-up the fun with next.  Shout out to our guest Sophie Wyllie for sharing the Pina Colada pic with us! Cheers!