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The Triple Crown Gives Back to the North Shore

Posted on Wed, 2015/12/02 - 11:54am by Jeff Mull

Come November of every year, the surf world descends upon the North Shore en masse and the once sleepy seaside community becomes abuzz with activity. While many of the surfers flock to the North Shore in search of a life-changing wave, the surf industry touches down to host the Triple Crown. For the duration of the prestigious three-event series, the North Shore plays host to the surf world.

As a means to show their appreciation, the Triple Crown has undertaken a series of initiatives  to give back to the community. Recently, the Triple Crown was responsible for refurbishing the bathrooms at Alii Beach Park in Haleiwa and at Ehukai. For decades, the organization has been supporting the local high school surf teams and public schools and in 2014, they donated more than $70,000 in projects that benefit the community. But what's most impressive is the great care they've taken to promote sustainability on the North Shore.  


When it comes to trash, the Triple Crown ensures that all of the rubbish created at the events is sorted and either recycled or turned into biodiesel, which is then used to power the generators that keep the events running. Through a partnership with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, more than 60 percent of all trash created was recycled in 2014. At Haleiwa last year, through a partnership with Flo Water, more than 12,000 bottles of water were saved. 

“The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is proud to give back to the North Shore community that has given us—and the sport of surfing as a whole—so very much. Over the years, we’ve undertaken a slew of projects to support the community here,” said Sean Wingate, Managing Director for the events. “We feel really proud of our sustainability initiative we have developed to reduce our foot print and environmental impact on the North Shore. The Triple Crown events are run on biodiesel and we recycle everything that can be recycled. As much of our food waste as possible is turned into compost, which is then used to help fertilize local farms. By taking these types of steps, we’re not only trying to support the community, but we’re also hoping to set an example for others to follow as well.”

As the remaining events of the Triple Crown unfold, Turtle Bay is thrilled to have partnered with an organization that works so diligently with the local community and looks forward to creating a more sustainable North Shore together.