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Wanderlust Oahu 2015 Highlights

Posted on Tue, 2015/03/03 - 4:28pm by Jeff Mull

Once again, Wanderlust Oahu took hold of Oahu’s North Shore in a blitz of yoga, wellness, inspiration, and music in a fashion unparalleled by any other event in the world. It should really come as no surprise, either. When you collect some of the world’s leading yogis, musicians, and downright good people, put them together in one of the world’s most magical and beautiful locations, good things are sure to follow. As we roll up our yoga mats and slowly let the easy smile that’s been spread across our collective faces fade away, we thought we’d take a minute to list our highlights.

Yoga Sessions on the Lawn.

Take a look at this photo. If this isn’t a postcard moment, we don’t know what is. Throngs of people gathered along the lawn at Turtle Bay, the smell of salt water and the sound of crashing waves permeating the cool, tropical air, all engaged in an age-old practice. If you weren’t able to attend, the sheer amount of good vibes filling the North Shore at this moment is simply indescribable. We all emit energy, and at this session, there was enough positivity in the air to lift a blimp.

The Beach Cleanup.

It’s easy to arrive at Turtle Bay and begin soaking up all of the activities at Wanderlust. People from all over the world traveled to Turtle Bay for Wanderlust. Vacation days were used, money was spent, and participants at Wanderlust Oahu wanted to simply relax and do the things that make them happy. But here’s something that we found ultra special: dozens of people, on their vacation, many of whom who are not from Hawaii, volunteered for a beach cleanup. There are some truly special people in this world, and we’re thrilled they chose to give back.

(Photo: Sustainable Coastlines)

The Music.

We’re still bobbing our heads to the melodies and jaw-dropping sounds from Brent Dennen and Nahko & Medicine for the People and others. And how could we not be? It was simply one amazing performance after another. The North Shore isn’t typically home to a wide array of large musical shows (do check out Surfer the Bar for more intimate gigs though) so it was an amazing treat to have musicians of this caliber rocking out on our grounds. We’ll never forget it. 

(Photo: Kate Harris)