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What is the Ragnar Trail Relay?

Posted on Wed, 2017/01/04 - 2:18pm by Jessica Gellert

The Ragnar Trail Relay takes place here at Turtle Bay Resort April 21-22, 2017! This is the first time the running event is hitting Oahu.

We talked story with Ragnar’s Social Media & Digital Brand Marketing Manager Becca Babicz to get the run down on the event.

1. What is the Ragnar Trail Relay and what can participants expect?

Becca: During a Ragnar Trail Relay, teams of 8 (or 4-member ultra teams) run relay-style on three different single track loops that start and finish at Ragnar Village. Teams run day and night until each member has completed all three trail loops. From Friday to Saturday, each teammate runs all three loops. Runner 1 runs the Green Loop (hard), then Runner 2 runs the Yellow Loop (harder), Runner 3 runs the Red Loop (really freakin' hard), Runner 4 runs the Green Loop, and so on until every runner has completed the three loops. The total mileage for each runner is close to a half marathon. That's 13 miles.


2. That sounds really freakin' fun! What is going on at base camp while everyone is running?

Becca: Back at “Ragnar Village” you’ll experience a festival like experience; music, movies, s’mores, bonfires, Salomon demo tent and other partner booths to check out.


3. Do I have to be an avid runner to participate?

Becca: Anyone can do a Ragnar as long as you train. At most of our trail races, some runners will hike portions of the course. It’s as hard as you want to make it. For some finishing the loops in a fast time is a big goal, for others just finishing is a big goal. People at all different fitness levels can participate. If you do not want to run, you can participate as a volunteer!


4. Why should I do the Ragnar Trail?

Becca: You should run Ragnar Trail Oahu North Shore because it will be an experience unlike anything else. A chance to push yourself, connect with like-minded people, camp and experience nature. Plus, Turtle Bay Resort is an amazing venue and is offering discounted hotel rates to Ragnar Trail participants.


5. Okay, This sounds too fun to miss.  How do I sign-up?

Becca: Captains will sign up the whole team, and have their teammates pay them back.

Check out tips for new Ragnar Trail Captains; here.

Register for the Ragnar Trail Relay, here.

Book your special Ragnar Turtle Bay rate, here.

So are you ready to find your #innerWILD? Grab seven of your solemates and hit the trails at Turtle Bay Resort! Are you running the Ragnar Trail Relay here at Turtle Bay!? Comment below!