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Your North Shore Must Do List

Posted on Thu, 2014/11/20 - 12:11pm by Anonymous

While we could write an entire book (or at least try to fill up a web page) on things you should do on your next North Shore vacation, we’re going to focus on three activities for this particular post. Granted it’s hard to have a bad day when you’re in paradise, but these three activities are sure to leave you smiling and imprint an indelible memory from your stay on the North Shore.

Sunset Paddle…At Sunset:
There are few places in Hawaii that can rival the beauty of Sunset Beach. In the summer months, when the waves lay dormant, it’s the ideal place to take in the sunset. And while gathering at the water’s edge is sublime (locals and tourists make the trek here every day) we’ve found that taking in the sunset from a Stand Up Paddle board (you can rent them here) is even better. There’s something about being out of your element, in the water, and surrounded by the natural beauty of the North Shore, that reaches out to us. If you want to experience a Sunset like no other, do it this way. Best of all, you only have to paddle out a few dozen yards from the beach.

Farmer’s Market at Haleiwa:
Over the course of the past few years, the farmer’s market at Haleiwa has truly come into its own. Much more than just local farmers selling their latest harvest, it’s become a wonderful open-air market to snack, shop, and mingle with the North Shore. It’s the perfect way to start your morning. According to Pamela Boyar, Market Manager for the market, “It is a priority of ours to create a meeting place for the community- young, old and everyone in between: a place of celebration. Each market has a café where patrons gather with their market-purchased food and beverages, listen to live music, and talk-story. We have festivals to celebrate a seasonal crops or cultural themes, such as Taro Fest in October and Cacao Fest in January. Vendors will go out of their way to create festive recipes and value added products highlighting that crop. We often have special attractions such as chef demos, book signings, or nutritional demos.”

Swim with the Turtles at Turtle Bay:
Hawaiian turtles, or “honu” in Hawaiian, have frequented the lagoon adjacent to Turtle Bay for ages. From the safety of the lagoon, you can snorkel with the honu and see them in their natural habitat. A million trips to an aquarium can never compare to seeing nature in her, well, “natural” state. However, don’t get too close to the turtles and never try to touch them. We recommend watching from a few yards away.

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Can we swim at the resort without staying? Would love to see the 'honu'.