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Meet Turtle Bay's New Chef de Cuisine: David Intonato

Chef Intoano

Turtle Bay Resort has a new Chef de Cuisine in the kitchen.

Chef David Intonato comes to the North Shore of Oahu from Nosara, Costa Rica. He will be the Chef de Cuisine for the new and upcoming Alaia restaurant.

An alaia is a thin, round-nosed, square-tailed surfboard ridden in pre-20th century Hawaii. The boards were generally made from Koa wood.

“ My focus will be on refined Hawaiian comfort foods and using local ingredients as much as possible,” said Chef David about his Turtle Bay role.

He will be using ingredients as local as farms across the street from the resort.

“ I’m excited to work with our farm and use all that they will be growing for Turtle Bay. I’m also eager to introduce local favorites like ahi belly to our guests as well.”


Stay Well Premier Rooms Enhance Your Stay


It’s time to enhance your stay at Turtle Bay Resort with our brand new Stay Well Premier Rooms. Find sanctuary in a room designed to renew, recharge and refresh on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

“We are so excited to bring Stay Well Premier rooms to Turtle Bay Resort,” said Director of Wellness Avigale LaGrass. “ My vision of giving guests a place to rejuvenate in the spa, workout in our fitness center and studio and now live clean and well in our rooms has finally come full circle.”



#ThirstyThursday: Passion Fruit Lava Flow

Passion Fruit Lava Flow Turtle Bay Resort


Seven Sweet Dates at Turtle Bay Resort

horseback turtle bay resort kiss

Oh, love is in the air on the North Shore of Oahu. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and you may want to wine and dine with candlelight. But why not skip the typical dinner this time and try something new?

If you are up for a different Valentine's date, keep reading!

Turtle Bay’s Top Seven Valentine’s Dates


1. Get Giddy on a Horseback Sunset Ride

turtle bay resort sunset ride

Romance movies, fairy tales and streamy novels tend to have the couple riding off into the sunset at the end - talk about dreamy. There’s something magical when you pair horses and sunsets. This experience is destined to be extra enchanting for you and your valentine.


Billabong's Salute to Pipeline Shapers Edition on Display

Billabong salute to pipeline turtle bay resort surf boards

O’ahu’s North Shore is known for its world famous surf spots and competitions.

A part of Hawaiian culture and heritage, surfing has grown in popularity to become a professional sport and a 50 billion per year industry.

Billabong salute to pipeline turtle bay resort surf boards

You hear about the surfing legends and today’s athletes but beneath every great wave rider is a high-quality custom board—a work of art handcrafted by a surfer’s most trusted partner, a shaper.