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Surfing's World Title To Be Decided Soon On Oahu's North Shore

Within the next few days, the surf world will crown a new world champion on Oahu’s North Shore. With three very different surfers in contention for the crown (Australia’s Mick Fanning, Brazil’s Gabriel Medina, and the US’s Kelly Slater) each of the contenders respective camps and fan bases are holding their collective breath as we approach the final lap. And if the current predictions for swell are accurate, we’ll most likely be looking at the world-champ deciding heats going down at Pipeline in the next 48 hours. So get ready, surf fans. We’re nearing the end. For those of you unfamiliar with the backstory and inner workings of competitive surfing, this has been a tumultuous and potentially game-changing year for the sport as Kelly Slater, the most dominant surfer in the history of the sport, vies for his 12th world title while a young Brazilian upstart, Gabriel Medina, prepares to ascend to the throne.

Turtle Bay’s Dado Corpuz Named Oahu Concierge of the Year

We’re proud to congratulate Dado Corpuz for bringing home the 2014 Oahu Concierge of the Year Award!

“It was totally unexpected,” Dado said about the award.

We on the other hand, aren’t surprised he received the honor. In the ten years he has been at Turtle Bay he has made guests experiences extraordinary. Of course he does that by greeting them with aloha and talking story with them while at the hotel. But his service has exceeded not only ours but our guests expectations. Besides telling them about the best places to eat “local” food he has gone beyond that- even inviting several over to his home and cooking them local favorites like kalbi, charr siu chicken and of course steamed Uhu.

“My favorite part about my job is meeting all kinds of people.”

Former guests are now lifelong friends with Dado and they keep in touch via email.


You Belong On The North Shore

If you close your eyes at night and visions of crashing waves, green mountains, and picturesque beaches flash before you, chances are you’re yearning for the North Shore.Whether our idyllic stretch of sand and surf has been your go-to vacation destination for years or you’ve always wanted to see what the hype is all about, the North Shore is calling your name. Still not convinced that you need to pack your bags and book a ticket? Take a few minutes and see if you fit into any of these categories. If the answer is yes, you know what the next step is. You belong on the North Shore if you’re the type of person who craves adventure. Surfing, yes, of course! The Sport of Kings has come to define the North Shore, but that’s not the only thing we have going for us.

A New King Is Crowned At Surfer Poll

On a warm Saturday evening, the upper echelon of the surf industry found themselves huddled together on the sweeping grounds of Turtle Bay resort for the 45th Surfer Poll awards, held right here on Oahu's North Shore. With mai-tais, local beers, and plenty of shakas on tap, the surf industry big-wigs—which included athletes, CEOs, marketing heads, and their better halves just to name a few—talk storied under a pastel sunset before the awards show officially started. Think of the vibe as an Oscars pre-party meets North Shore barbecue and you've got the gist. If you're unfamiliar with the awards show, every year, Surfer Magazine polls their readers for a top 10 and 10 5 list of the most adored surfers in the world. For the better part of the past two decades, Kelly Slater's found himself in the number-one position. But this year, with the likes of an entirely new crop of young and fiercely beloved surfers forging their presence, Slater's victory was hardly assured.


GoPro Athlete Summit at Turtle Bay

Looking back at 2014 one of the most exciting groups we had in house was GoPro. GoPro brought more than a hundred pro athletes who took over the resort with their ultimate adventures. Some of the athletes in the mix: Ryan Sheckler, Shane Dorian, Shaun White, Kelly Slater, Jame O'Brien, Kala Alexander, Kai Lenny and the list goes on.  But enough rambling about the summit, Hit play and check out the athlete's GoPro footage! Remeber, you can do all these great activities at Turtle Bay, just stop by our GuidePost in the lobby and they'll hook you up.