Kama'aina: Supporting our local community

Turtle Bay is committed to being a responsible participant in the local community.  This is why we offer preferred rates to all Hawaii residents (traditionally referred to as Kama'aina, or "children of the land"), as well as our Golf Plus program, a great way for locals to participate in organized events and save even more.

The preferred Kama'aina rates vary based on time of day, day of week, and time of year, so we encourage you to call our Golf Shop at 808-293-8574 to learn more.  Alternatively, you may visit our online booking page created exclusively for local residents by clicking here.

Please note that, in order to qualify for our preferred Kama'aina rates, a valid driver's license with a Hawaii address must be presented at check-in for each individual golfer.

Want the best possible rates all the time?  Check out our exclusive Golf Plus program, reserved exclusively for our Kama’aina players.

Golftober Kama'aina Free Return Round - October 1st - 31st

It's time to update your calendars with a new month - Golftober. Because for all of October, Kama'aina and Golf Plus members will receive a free return round for every round played. There is no limit on how many extra rounds you can earn, but you must redeem your free round by October 31st.

The free return round is valid for green fees on the Palmer and Fazio courses. For all of October, golf cart use is not required on the Palmer Course. For the return round, players may choose to walk if they'd like or carts are available for $20 per person.

Players will receive a voucher for a return round of equal or lesser value when for each round purchased. These vouchers are non transferable, has no cash value and is not valid with any other offer. Players must show the card to redeem the free round. The free round offer expires October 31st 2014.

If you have any questions please call our Golf Shop at 808-293-8574 to learn more.

Palmer Course Improvements

The Paspalum grass on the Palmer greens are a crucial part of what makes our experience world-class. There is no better putting surface on the islands. That said, though it’s performance when in good condition is unsurpassed, it is a sensitive plant that requires considerable maintenance, particularly in the salty environment in which we operate. This is why we have been performing major preventive maintenance work on the greens throughout this summer. Admittedly, the impact is not ideal in the short-term, but over the course of time it is these practices that ensure that the Palmer Course remains the premier golf experience on Oahu. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

The wind and rain on the North Shore is also very difficult on bunkers, which often show signs of compaction and erosion much more quickly than what is experienced on inland courses. To combat this, we have begun the extensive process of both adding new sand to the bunkers and also replacing the under-sand liners which help define shape and consistency of depth. For lack of a better term, this is an “ugly” process as each bunker is essentially re-dug, re-shaped, and re-mixed manually. Marking every bunker as Ground Under Repair would be more visually intrusive than helpful, so while you are playing, feel free to play bunkers under construction as GUR and take free relief.

A defining characteristic of the Palmer Course is the natural waterways that circumvent the course. Over time, many of these waterways have become overgrown, and essentially they’ve been “hidden” by trees, cattails, and other plants. Over the course of 2014 the team has been working to trim back this overgrowth and recapture Arnold Palmer’s original design vision of having the waterways be a vital part of both the aesthetic and the strategic quality of the golf course. This work has minimal impact on play, but we do appreciate you pardoning our dust as the work progresses.