Jodi lives in the country area of Waialua on the North Shore with her husband and three young boys. She hosts iconic guests each week at Talk Story (Surfer, The Bar) to share and preserve the many wonderful and inspirational stories that are tied to this fabled stretch of ocean on Oahu's North Shore. In her time off, Jodi loves to surf at Laniakea, Jocko's, remote breaks near Ka'ena Point, and at Turtle Bay.

Waimea Valley, North Shore Oahu (Photo Courtesy: Chase Oliveri)

Ka'ena Point (Photo Courtesy:

Laniakea Beach, North Shore Oahu (Photo Courtesy: Port Aloha)

Jodi hosted Talk Story nights at Surfer, The Bar for two years.

Turtle Bay Resort’s Insider’s Play List helps guests better experience Oahu’s fabled North Shore. Each list is authored by a hand selected North Shore luminary who lives the “The Life” to its fullest and details the many inspirational ways to play along one of the world’s most storied coastlines. The fourth Play List in the series was authored by Jodi Wilmott, veteran surf and watersports communications professional.

Jodi's life has revolved around the ocean since day one. Born in South Africa to a young Australian couple who were on an "Endless Summer" surfari, she moved with her parents to Oahu at the age of three. They lived with the Hawaiian family of Eddie and Clyde Aikau, who were only just starting to make their names in surfing. Jodi attended school in Australia, and then traveled to coastlines around the world for almost a decade as the communications director for the Association of Surfing Professionals. She settled back in Hawaii permanently in 1998, taking up as communications director for international ocean sport events like the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, the Quicksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau, the Molokai to Oahu paddleboard and outrigger canoe races, sailing regattas and distance ocean swims.

Jodi lives in the country area of Waialua on the North Shore with her husband and three young boys.  In her time off, Jodi loves to surf at Laniakea, Jocko's, remote breaks near Ka'ena Point, and at Turtle Bay.

Here is Jodi’s Play List:


Waimea Valley is one of those places where you feel like you can truly exhale, wind down, and get back in touch with all that is good in the world. The expansiveness and beauty of nature has been retained here and it feels like stepping back in time to a day when the early Hawaiians lived in harmony with their environment. My kids love it here as much as I do. Take a walk, relax and read a book on the valley lawn, take a dive in the waterfall. You will leave rejuvenated.


Ka'ena Point takes you far away from life's business. Even being on vacation can get hectic!! Pack a good sized bottle of ice cold water and a light brunch and drive to the far west end of Farrington Highway, beyond Haleiwa and the Mokuleia. There are deserted white sand beaches and aqua waters up here in the summer. In the winter, enjoy the massive, crashing surf from the safety of high sand. You can also take the walking trail at the end of the road and gently explore the shoreline. Caution: no lifeguards on this stretch of coastline and it also gets very hot, so get an early start, drink plenty of water, keep a cell phone on you, and stay within your comfort zone for real enjoyment.


Dillingham airfield offers amazing glider flights over the North Shore and Oahu's West Side. Soar like a bird without the sound of an airplane engine and savor the greens, blues and earthy tones of the region, not to mention the spectacular mountain range and ocean views. Get lost in your thoughts and the gorgeous scenery!


Standup paddle off the coastline in summer. Try and get an early start or pick a calm area protected from the wind to really enjoy the ride. By getting even a short distance out off the shoreline you will be treated to spectacular views of the North Shore you likely won't see any other way. If you're an experienced paddler, take one of the "downwind" runs from Turtle Bay to Sunset Beach or beyond. Be sure to paddle with a partner for safety and a shared experience. Don't go beyond your comfort zone and always let someone know when you plan to leave and when and where you expect to return to shore. Waves and currents definitely make this too dangerous between September and early April.


If you've got small children, Shark's Cove is a natural wonderland. It's so easy for a kid to be content here and a few small items will make it extra fun: sunscreen and a hat, reef walkers, snorkel and mask, even a small bodyboard to float around in. There are pools of varying depths and plenty of living sea creatures to explore. Get an early start on it to get a parking spot and skip the midday heat. Or enjoy it late before the sun goes down - there's an excellent sunset view from here, too.


Coffee Gallery, in the Haleiwa Marketplace, is where a local's day begins... or ends! Fresh, fresh, fresh coffee, locally grown, with an incredible selection of one-of-a-kind sweet and savory treats. I love their creamy lattes and the staff pays special attention to making every cup enjoyable. Excellent!!


Kahuku Superette and the Fiji Market are just a short drive to the east from Turtle Bay but are a local favorite. These mom-and-pop stores are like a trip back in time and we're so fortunate to still have them on the North Shore. Kahuku Superette has the freshest and tastiest poke on the island, and various other Hawaiian delicacies. Fiji Market offers meat pies and sausage rolls among many other things, and is a favorite of expat Australians, New Zealanders and Fijians.


Talk Story at Surfer The Bar... OK, OK, full disclosure on this one!! I am the creator of it and hosted it for two years, but like you, I am treated every week to unique stories from one-of-a-kind surf/ocean-related personalities from right here on the North Shore. With a great mix of regular locals and hotel guests with a heart and passion for authentic experiences, we have laughed, cried, celebrated and listened in awe to the many stories we've been so lucky to hear - direct from the source. From world champion surfers, to best-selling authors, oceanographers, cinematographers and photographers, big wave riders and legitimate North Shore legends, Talk Story is a human experience you won't find anywhere else on the planet.


Laniakea will forever be my most favorite surf spot in the world. More suited to intermediate and advanced surfers, this is one of the most quality waves in Hawaii that also offers spectacular views of the North Shore and an abundance of sea life. Hawaii's surfing greats have all had their days at 'Lani's' and I love to surf out there and think about all those amazing surfers who have shared my exhilaration upon the waves. I may never surf as well as them, but riding a wave is a relative experience; if you're comfortable with the conditions, you can have the greatest wave of your life - whether it be 2-feet or 20-feet.