Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny is considered one of the best young waterman in the world and is currently a Turtle Bay Resort Ambassador. Kai enjoys any sport that involves the ocean. He is a Surfer, Windsurfer, Kitesurfer, Stand Up Paddler (SUP), Tow-in surfer, and Hydro-foiler among others. 

In 2011, Kai received the following Stand Up World Tour awards: 

• SUPWT Sunset Beach Pro Winner
• SUPWT La Torche, France Pro Winner
• SUPWT World Champion

• SUPWT World Champion

• SUPWT World Champion

Luminaries  of  The  Life  Offer  A  Peek
Into  the  North  Shore  Lifestyle

While many travelers prefer the convenience of tour groups, guides, and buses, this can be an impersonal approach to discovering a new destination. Often those who invest the extra time and energy to explore on their own, find many more memorable experiences.

So, to help guests gain a richer and more gratifying travel experience while visiting Oahu’s fabled North Shore, Turtle Bay offers its new Insider’s TOP 10 Play List: a tip sheet provided by North Shore luminaries about their favorite ways to play along one of the world’s most storied coastlines.  Insider’s Play Lists will include favorite adventures, attractions, activities, events, places to eat, beaches, surf spots and ocean outings and the authors, who live “the North Shore life” to the fullest, will range from legendary surf icons and artists to resort ambassadors and employees. Now creating a personal Play list just became a snap!

Check out Luminary of the Life, Kai Lenny's TOP 10 Playlist


Go surf all of the perfect waves that the 7-mile miracle has to offer!


Windsurf or kitesurf Backyards, since it is one of the best waves in the world for wind sports.


Do a Downwind run on my Naish Stand Up Race board from Turtle Bay to Haleiwa.


Eat lunch at Cholos Home Style Mexican in Haleiwa!!


Run the bike path from Sunset to Log Cabins.


Surf out in front of Turtle Bay until dark then go in the hot tub!


Have dinner at Lei Lei's at Turtle Bay Resort.


Run the hiking trail up Pupukea.


Tow-in Surf the Outer reefs.


Sky dive Hawaii near Haleiwa.