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Water, Water, Everywhere

To some people, the call of the water is no gentle whisper; it’s an urgent, rallying invitation heard by every cell in the body. More than just the medium in which you choose to play, water is your life force, a source of both power and peace.

Watersports are mesmerizing: Meditation in motion. They express a rapport with the ocean that is a legacy from our North Shore ancestors, the original watermen. Respect for the natural world was integrated into the traditional Hawaiian way of life, inseparable from sports and spirituality and wellness. And this enduring, authentic aspect of Oahu culture continues at the spa, where guests immerse themselves in the elements of nature for relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation.

The new Nalu Kinetic Spa provides a multi-sensory experience of the ocean: dramatic window walls with views of legendary swells, the sound of surf crashing on the beach, and an innovative Wave Therapy massage table that gently rocks you as if you were floating. Warm salt stones calm you down after an adrenalin surge, and a line of marine-infused products show tenderness to skin and hair that has been exposed to sun, salt, and sand. Fitness and bodywork programs hone strength, balance, and concentration.

Proud to be named one of the nation's Top 10 Organic Spas by "Organic Spa Magazine" for 2013.