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Turtle Bay Ambassador Kai Lenny Takes Top Honors in Stand Up World Series!


 Turtle Bay Ambassador Kai Lenny Takes Top Honors in Stand Up World Series Lenny’s “Insider’s Play List” Offers an Exclusive Peek Into His Favorite North Shore Activities

NORTH SHORE, OAHU, HI (Oct. 14, 2013) – Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore hosted the top professionals in stand up paddle racing during the 2013 Stand Up World Series Finals, held from Oct. 11-13, 2013, with resort ambassador Kai Lenny taking top men’s honors in a 1st  place finish.

The Stand Up World Series, organized by The Waterman League, newly headquartered at Turtle Bay Resort, is the premier competitive event lineup in the sport of stand-up paddlesurfing.

Lenny is
considered one of the best watermen in the world and is a Turtle Bay Resort ambassador and North Shore luminary. He has won numerous titles, recently taking first at the 2013 Huntington Beach Pro Surf men’s competition as part of the Stand Up World Series in September. Lenny is a surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer, stand-up paddler (SUP), tow-in surfer, and hydro-foiler, among others. 

To help guests gain a more authentic travel experience while visiting Oahu’s Fabled North Shore, Turtle Bay Resort last year launched its Insider’s Play List series, designed to give the inside scoop on favorite North Shore adventures, attractions, activities, events, places to eat, beaches, surf spots and ocean outings. Each Play List is authored by a North Shore luminary who knows how to live the “North Shore life” to the fullest. In honor of his win, Turtle Bay Resort is highlighting how Lenny plays along one of the world’s most storied coastlines. There’s never been a better way to explore the North Shore like a local.

·         Surf all of the perfect waves that the famed “7-mile miracle” has to offer.

·         Windsurf or kitesurf Backyards, since it is one of the best waves in the world for wind sports.

·         Do a downwind run on my Naish Stand Up Race board from Turtle Bay to Haleiwa.

·         Eat lunch at Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican Restaurant in Haleiwa Town.

·         Run the bike path from Sunset to Log Cabins.

·         Surf in front of Turtle Bay until dark then go to the hot tub.

·         Explore the hiking trail at Pupukea.

·         Pros should tow-in surf the outer reefs.

·         Adventure seekers can’t miss sky diving along the North Shore.

There’s always a new Insider’s Play List on the way at Come and play!

Turtle Bay is putting the final touches on a multi-million-dollar renovation spanning extensive upgrades to all standard and premium guest rooms and hallways; two restaurants featuring the best of fresh, locally sourced cuisine; a new luxuriously renovated spa and fitness center; the main building roof and lobby area; as well as two new coastal lifestyle retail shops. For reservations, visit

About Turtle Bay: There’s one North Shore on Oahu. And there’s one resort on it. Ideal for watermen, wave watchers or waders, Turtle Bay is at the epicenter of set after set of activities, events and adventures. Complete with the finest accommodations and amenities suited for the entire family, Turtle Bay is where the “7-Mile Miracle” begins and the lineup is endless. To stay up to date on the Turtle Bay surfing experience, check out


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