Explore the North Shore

Explore the Fabled North Shore. Check out legendary surf spots, hike Turtle Bay Resort's trails and 5 miles of coastline and enjoy North Shore eats.

Turtle Bay

Shops, restaurants and more at Turtle Bay!

GoPro Videos

Turtle Bay Resort is an official GoPro partner and the only beach resort with a GoPro Lab on property.

Waterman League

Turtle Bay is proud to be the official headquarters of The Waterman Legaue and stand Up World Tour.

Surfer, The Bar Live Music

Big names that take the stage at Surfer, The Bar.

Helicopter Tours from Turtle Bay

Helicopter Tours from Turtle Bay

Hans Hedemann Surf School

Hans Hedemann Surf School

Hele Huli Mopeds and Bikes Rentals and Segway Tours

Hele Huli Mopeds and Bikes Rentals and Segway Tours of North Shore and Turtle Bay trails.

Cultural Activities

Learn about the Polynesian Culture with these educational and fun activities at Turtle Bay Resort.

Signature Events

You don't want to miss these epic events that take place at Turtle Bay and the North Shore every year! Check'em out and then plan your trip to attend them!

Talk Story at Surfer, The Bar

Talk Story, known in Hawaii as mo'olelo, is the tradition of personally sharing important stories to preserve them for future generations.


Stroll or trot along 12 miles of Oahu oceanfront trails and seaside pathways on our well trained and friendly horses.

Eco-Kayak Tours

Explore on an open bottom kayak that allows you to view marine wildlife. SUP kayak and go on an eco-walk.