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It’s no secret that Hawaii is home to a bounty of amazing outdoor activities that have made the islands one of the world’s top destinations. But we’re ready to let you in on a little-known secret: tucked away on Oahu’s North Shore stands Turtle Bay Resort, the perfect getaway for the adventurous traveler and we can help you decide what to do on Oahu.

Access to the Inaccessible.

The Guidepost understands that today’s knowledgeable travelers want to fully immerse themselves into the local culture of Oahu Hawaii. We can assist you with activity bookings, both onsite and off, based on your interests, experience levels, to make the most out of your time on the Island.

Directions and ideas for self-guided tours of the property, the North Shore, and Oahu.

Surrounded by a wealth of lineups, tropical reefs, secret trails and hidden waterfalls, you’re more likely to find your own unique Hawaiian adventure at Turtle Bay than anywhere else.

Restaurant Recommendations & Reservations

In addition to all of the Oahu Hawaii activities, don't forget the cuisine!  Our kitchens source their ingredients from Turtle Bay Resort’s own roof gardens, the organic family farms of the North Shore, and from local fisherman and artisans. Every one of the resort’s restaurants features signature items that highlight local products and has its own character. Pa’akai means “sea salt” and offers an array of dock-to-table seafoods. Farm-to-table thinking has gone into every aspect of North Shore Kula Grille’s menu, where “fresh” means picked minutes away. Surfer, The Bar, serves tropical cocktails, local craft ales, and island-style comfort food. 

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