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Pony Cart Course 101 at Turtle Bay Stables

Repeats every day
From: 3:45pm to 5:15pm
The Stables

Learn the basics of driving a pony and cart along the beautiful coastline of Turtle Bay Resort. First, you'll learn how to groom, tack up and harness and prepare our ponies to drive a cart. Then, learn how to ground-drive, give verbal commands, how to steer left and right with the reins, and how to stop and go. Demonstrate your new found knowledge at the end of the lesson with an obstacle course, and receive a laminated certificate of completion to take home! A fun way to bond with a miniature horse,. Course will run 1.5 hours

Perfect for pony-lovers ages 8+, and weight not to exceed 200lbs.

$159 plus taxes and fees.