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Nalu Ala! Signature Aromatherapy Treatment  | 80 Minutes 
In this full body scrub and massage, you’re invited to create a personal aromatherapy blend with organic and wild-crafted essential oils and the power of an Intentional Aromatherapy App. Your unique blend is added to a coconut and kukui sugar scrub to polish, condition, and renew your skin before receiving a warm coconut oil massage. To continue your aromatherapy experience at home, you’ll receive a pendant infused with your personal scent.

The Bacial  | 80 Minutes
This unique Bacial experience starts with a back scrub and mask to deep clean congested pores, followed by Oil Nutrient for Face, Hair, and Nails to reduce muscular tension. A relaxing foot and ankle massage using warm towel compresses will ease tired, aching feet. We finish with a deep cleansing facial to remove dead skin cells and impurities while targeting signs of aging. This unique treatment is ideal for golfers, travelers, or anyone who needs to completely unwind.

Aloha' Nui Loa Signature Manicures & Pedicures  
Our signature, ‘much love’ nail care renews hands and feet and inspires beauty. Featuring a Coconut and Ginger polish and our signature aromatics, worn and calloused skin on the hands and feet is softened, hydrated and stimulated. We shape, groom and polish nails and seal in moisture with our signature Macadamia Nut Butter scented with Pikake, Awapuhi (ginger) and Lime.