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North Shore Eco Tours

 North Shore Eco Tours

North Shore Eco Tours

North Shore EcoTours represents the absolute best in Hawaiian nature & cultural tours. Youʻll enjoy breathtaking views and lush tropical forests all without the noisy Oʻahu crowds. How is that possible? Simple. We operate on private conservation land, which means that you get that truly immersive nature experience!


Big Hiking Adventure

If lush tropical valleys and pristine mountain pools is your thing – you cannot miss this tour! Hikers will board a 4wd vehicle in Hale’iwa town and off-road 7 miles to the trailhead. High in the Ko’olau mountains is a valley of unparalleled beauty with an abundance of exquisite freshwater pools and the best mountain swimming on the island!

Small Hiking Adventure

This fun little adventure has it all: scenic views, exotic plants, and refreshing mountain streams. The “Iki” starts off with a 7-mile off-road ride to the trailhead and continues with a hike through unspoiled natural beauty rarely witnessed by O’ahu visitors.

Wild Boar Off-Road Expedition

Enjoy a 4x4 adventure – scramble up steep ridge-lines, negotiate muddy trails, & tackle Hawaiian style moguls in an ex-military Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicle. This “hike on wheels” allows guests to interact with the great outdoors while learning about Oʻahuʻs unique natural environment from an expert local guide.