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Let's Talk story Category: Food

From Our Garden to Your Plate

It can’t get any fresher than this- a roof top garden where herbs, vegetables and fruits are picked daily to top off your cocktails, salads and main dishes. You’ll find Kale, chard, lettuce, mint, chives, strawberries, arugula, sage, taro and more growing on the roof of our second floor.

“The garden brings our farm-to-table concept to life.”

said the keeper of the garden Henry Fong. The garden doesn’t stop on the roof. Henry created a wall garden in North Shore Kula Grille. He partners with a local farmer to maintain it

“We have marigolds, which we use to garnish our sushi and the flowers are actually very high in vitamin C,” said Fong.


The Perfect Mai Tai

There is something truly magical about a Mai Tai at Turtle Bay. Refreshing, with its colors mirroring that of the sunset, a Mai Tai at dusk at Turtle Bay’s Pool Bar is one of life’s simple pleasure. If you happen to be one of those unfortunate souls not living on the North Shore, we thought we’d do you a solid and hand over the recipe that’s been making patrons grin for more than three decades. Without further adieu, here’s the secret recipe for the perfect Hawaiian Mai Tai, courtesy of the Pool Bar. Enjoy!


Healthy North Shore Eats

I’ll admit it -  I am one of those travelers that use vacation as an excuse to take a vacation from my healthy eating habits (90% of the time). If you don’t take a break from being healthy even when you are on vacation (wish I had your self-control) here is a list of some of our favorite healthy eats on the North Shore of Oahu. Trust me, even if you don’t look for healthy restaurants you need to try these places.Their food tastes AMAZING and you will feel amazing after you eat it too!

(Photo: Beet Box Cafe)