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Santa Belongs on The North Shore, Not the North Pole

With Christmas just a few days away, we were left with the revelation that Santa needs to pack up ship and move. Specifically, from the North Pole to the North Shore. Because this post is directed at Santa—and we've heard he's partial to these types of things—we've created a list. Sand Over Snow Yes, the snow can be a wonderful thing. A beautiful thing, to be precise. But when we conjure of images of snowfall, we typically think of a light dusting falling romantically on our shoulders. What we don't realize is that snow can also be a very brutal thing. Imagine waking up at 6 am to scrape the ice off of your sled every morning. That's the reality of life on the North Pole. So, Santa, now that we have your ear: forget the snow and opt for sand. We have tons of it up here. The reindeers will adapt and Mrs. Clause can work on her tan.

Surfing's World Title To Be Decided Soon On Oahu's North Shore

Within the next few days, the surf world will crown a new world champion on Oahu’s North Shore. With three very different surfers in contention for the crown (Australia’s Mick Fanning, Brazil’s Gabriel Medina, and the US’s Kelly Slater) each of the contenders respective camps and fan bases are holding their collective breath as we approach the final lap. And if the current predictions for swell are accurate, we’ll most likely be looking at the world-champ deciding heats going down at Pipeline in the next 48 hours. So get ready, surf fans. We’re nearing the end. For those of you unfamiliar with the backstory and inner workings of competitive surfing, this has been a tumultuous and potentially game-changing year for the sport as Kelly Slater, the most dominant surfer in the history of the sport, vies for his 12th world title while a young Brazilian upstart, Gabriel Medina, prepares to ascend to the throne.

Turtle Bay’s Dado Corpuz Named Oahu Concierge of the Year

We’re proud to congratulate Dado Corpuz for bringing home the 2014 Oahu Concierge of the Year Award!

“It was totally unexpected,” Dado said about the award.

We on the other hand, aren’t surprised he received the honor. In the ten years he has been at Turtle Bay he has made guests experiences extraordinary. Of course he does that by greeting them with aloha and talking story with them while at the hotel. But his service has exceeded not only ours but our guests expectations. Besides telling them about the best places to eat “local” food he has gone beyond that- even inviting several over to his home and cooking them local favorites like kalbi, charr siu chicken and of course steamed Uhu.

“My favorite part about my job is meeting all kinds of people.”

Former guests are now lifelong friends with Dado and they keep in touch via email.