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Let's Talk story Category: North Shore

Your Guide to the North Shore's Kaunala Trail

While the North Shore offers a plethora of breathtaking hikes, we’re quite fond of the Kaunala trail, located in Pupukea. A lush hillside community that overlooks the North Shore beaches, Pupukea is lined with trails that serpentine up and down the majestic mountainside and is a short drive from Turtle Bay. The Kaunala trail offers a hike that’s sure to provide you with sweeping vistas, but isn’t out of reach for beginner hikers, making it perfect for the family.

To access the start of the trail from Turtle Bay Resort, turn left onto Pupukea road, just past Foodland. Drive up the hill about three miles until you reach the end and a boy scout’s camp. You can park on the road. From there, you’ll see a dirt access road that will lead you to the start of the trail.


Four Poolside Essentials

While there are few things we enjoy more on this earth than spending a day at the beach, sometimes a leisurely afternoon by the pool is the perfect way to unwind. At Turtle Bay, our famous pool skirts the ocean and is flanked with a walk up bar and manicured lawn. To ensure that you get the most out of your leisurely afternoon at the resort, we’ve taken the liberty to list our poolside essentials.

Reading material: No afternoon at the pool would be complete without something great to read. And while we love our iPad, the glare from the screen and the risk of water damage are just too much. Now, we may sound a tad dated, but when it comes to poolside reading, nothing beats an old fashioned magazine. We’re partial to Flux, a Honolulu-based lifestyle publication that covers an array of topics ranging from politics to fashion and culture.


How To Live Like A North Shore Local

Want to live like you're on vacation year round? Check out our three tips for living like a North Shore local below.

Move A Little Slower. Life on the North Shore moves at its own cadence. While a New Yorker might thumb his nose at the pace of life here in paradise, we take a great pride in enjoying the moment, of letting life steep. Yes, we may drive a little slower, and yes, we may chat a little longer, but it’s those moments—those little every day glances out the window or catching up with an old friend—that make up the good life. If you want to truly live like a North Shore local, look up from your phone, take in your surroundings, and smile at life.