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Let's Talk story Category: Surfing

Poker with the Pros Returns to Turtle Bay

Come Tuesday, November 29 the world’s best surfers will find themselves in relatively uncharted waters as they gear up for the fourth annual Poker with Pros charity event right here at Turtle Bay. That’s right, surfers playing poker, all for a good cause.


Talking Story with Turtle Bay Pro Junior Winner Noa Mizuno

At 17 years old, Honolulu’s Noa Mizuno is quickly making a name for himself in the surf world. Not only has the high school senior earned himself a reputation for being utterly fearless in waves of consequence, but it’s his lighting-quick backhand in small surf that earned Noa a place on the podium at the Turtle Bay Pro Junior event earlier this month. In the interview below, Noa discusses his game plans for the coming winter season, how this win stacks up against other achievements, and competing in the Triple Crown for the first time. 


Meet Pipeline, The World's Most Fearsome Wave

It’s mid-December 1961 on the North Shore of Oahu. A tall, deeply tanned California kid named Phil Edwards has his feet firmly nestled in the coarse Ehukai sand, his eyes trained on a knee-trembling wave thundering toward him. This wave in Oahu's North Shore, which will come to be known as Pipeline, has terrified the life out of every surfer who’s dared stared her in the eyes. And while it's impossible to say how many Hawaiians tried their hand at Pipe before this day, in just a few minutes, Edwards is about to change surf history by catching the first wave ever recorded on film. And in the coming decades Pipeline would become the wave that all others are judged against.