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Let's Talk story Category: #ThirstyThursday

#ThirstyThursday: Island Thyme

There’s a popular saying here in the islands if someone is not punctual, it is “Hawaiian time.”

What does it mean to be on Hawaiian time? Basically, life in Hawaii is more relaxed than the rest of the world, so you take your time to get places and show up on “Hawaiian time.”

That is the inspiration for the Island Thyme cocktail created by Turtle Bay Master Mixologist Allie Bellows.

Have her serve one up for you while you enjoy the breathtaking views and relaxed atmosphere of our fine dining restaurant Pa’akai.

If you can’t be here in person to enjoy our “Island Thyme” cocktail, you can still savor a relaxed Hawaii vibe at home with our featured #ThirstyThursday recipe.

It’s time for you to get on Island Thyme!


#ThirstyThursday: Lei'd Back Lychee

Coming to Hawaii and getting lei’d (the act of putting a flower lei over someone’s neck) come hand and hand. It’s the traditional way locals greet you to our tropical paradise. It’s aloha in action.

Well, if you need some aloha wherever you are, you may want to try making our Lei’d Back Lychee cocktail at home. If you are staying with us on Oahu’s laid back North Shore, stop by The Point Sunset & Pool Bar and one of our amazing bartenders will serve one up for ya.

1 ½ oz. Ocean Organic Vodka
1 oz. Soho Lychee
½ oz. House-made Agave Sour
2 ¼ oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice


#ThirstyThursday: Roy's Hawaiian Martini

Roy’s Beach House opens on our beautiful Bay View Beach next month, so of course we had to share his famous Hawaiian Martini recipe! The Hawaiian Martini has been Roy’s signature cocktail for more than two decades. The pineapple coconut martini recipe calls for a whole batch, so plan to create this concoction when you’ll have friends over. The recipe makes 42, 3 oz. servings! That’s a lot of friends!

Start with a pineapple, Roy uses Maui Gold, and infuse it with Vanilla vodka and Coconut rum for a week. (Trust us, it's worth the wait!) To serve, the infusion is shaken and served up in a martini glass, and garnished with a piece of the "drunken" pineapple.