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Let's Talk story Category: #ThirstyThursday

#ThirstyThursday Recipe: Strawberry Snowcap

Aloha everyone! We all know that most of Hawai’i doesn’t get any snow during winter. But we do have some delicious ice blended cocktails! This #ThirstyThursday we have a tropical Strawberry Snowcap!

Strawberry Snowcap


1 ¼ oz Absolut Vanilla Vodka

2 ½ oz Strawberry puree

2 oz fresh lemon lime juice

2 ½ oz Crème of Coconut

Toasted Coconut

Pineapple wedge

Maraschino Cherry

Cup of Ice


How To:

1. Dump your cup of ice into the blender.

2. Pour in the vodka...

Lemon Lime juice...


#ThirstyThursday Recipe: Coco Margarito

You put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up! Well, we put the lime and coconut together for you in our Coco Margarito at The Point Sunset & Pool Bar. However, if you can’t be with us in person, we want you to have a taste of paradise wherever you are. Get ready to blend up your very own Hawaiian getaway and sip it from a margarita glass!



#ThirstyThursday Recipe: Shaken Sunset

We are shaking things up this #ThirstyThursday with The Point’s signature cocktail: The Shaken Sunset.
If you are ready for a refreshing tropical treat, grab your shakers and let’s get shaking!

- A shaker
- 1 cup of ice
- 1 ¼ oz. Organic Ocean Vodka
- 1 oz. of Vita Coconut water
- 1 ½ oz. lime sour (fresh)
- 1 oz. fresh crushed Hawaiian pineapple
- Handful of fresh mint

Add at the ingredients into your shaker and shake, shake, shake!
We recommend you putting some hula hip action in while you shake for some extra aloha.

Take off the cover of your shaker, sip and enjoy!