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3 Steps To Playing In The Wind At Turtle Bay

A bit of local golf knowledge can go a long way when you're playing golf in Hawaii, which has a distinct geographic location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and a beautiful but rugged landscape. Usually blowing from the northeast, cool trade wind breezes averaging 12 mph are credited with keeping the islands cool. Most of Hawaii's golf courses are designed so the tradewinds help, rather than make things more difficult.

Uniquely located on the Northern most tip of Oahu, Turtle Bay Resort enjoys the fresh trade winds keeping your game cool and intriguingly challenging. The natural air conditioner we like to call the “Trade Winds” can play havoc on your golf ball on the course, even at Turtle Bay. Here are three tips to hit piercing golf shots through the wind:

Step 1:
Place ball position back in your stance, which will help create a lower flight trajectory. Your hands will also now be in front of the ball which reduces the golf club’s loft.

Step 2:
Play more club depending on the wind speed: for every 10 miles per hour of wind, hit one club longer. (i.e. wind is 20 MPH, yardage to pin is 150 yards, play your 170 yard club)

Step 3:
Finish low! After impact, shorten your follow through to keep the ball flight low. This finish position will keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact, reducing loft and spin on the ball. When the wind is at your back, play the opposite of step #2. For every 10 MPH the wind is behind you, hit one club less. Use normal ball position and follow through. 

Use these keys on approach shots into the wind and you’ll find that your ball will be landing much closer to the pin than ever before!