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34th Annual Eddie Big Wave Invitational Holding Period is On

Posted on Thu, 2019/12/05 - 10:54pm by Jessica Gellert

Eddie Aikau Invitational Poster


The 34th Annual Eddie Big Wave Invitational held its opening ceremony December 5 at Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore.  Eddie Aikau’s legacy was honored with a Hawaiian blessing, hula and olelo by his older brother Clyde Aikau. All ages came out to the event, with hopes that “The Eddie” will go this year. 

Clyde AIkau

The Bay calls the day. During the three-month holding period from December 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020, if waves reach heights of 20-feet (Hawaiian style), The Eddie will go for a select group of big wave riders.

Eddie Aikau Invitational
(photo: Eddie Aikau Foundation)

The event, sponsored by Turtle Bay Resort,  has an all-star line up and new format this year.  Thirty-two Invitees and 18 Alternates were invited,  including nine women. For the first time ever, seven legends will take the Bay in the first heat of the day and be eligible for the Hawaiian Airlines Best Wave of the Day and 250,000 HawaiianMiles.


Eddie Aikau Invitational
(Photo: Eddie Aikau Foundation)

“The Eddie Aikau Foundation is excited to have the support of our generous sponsors who have joined us in celebrating and honoring the life and legacy of our brother, Eddie,” said Solomon Aikau. “This year we honor not only the equality of women in the sport, but some of the longtime surfers in the industry.”

The Eddie last ran in 2016 with more than 1.2 million fans watching the live stream from over 200 countries around the world – making it the biggest event in the history of surfing.

If the Bay calls the day, here are the invitees.



Aaron Gold

Andrea Moller

Ben Wilkinson

Billy Kemper

Bruce Irons

Danilo Couto

Dave Wassel

Eli Olson

Emi Erickson

Grant Baker

Greg Long

Ian Walsh

Jamie O’Brien

Jamie Mitchell

John John Florence

Kai Lenny

Keala Kennelly

Keali‘i Mamala

Kelly Slater

Koa Rothman

Landon McNamara

Lucas Chianca

Luke Shepardson

Makuakai Rothman

Mark Healey

Mason Ho

Nathan Florence

Nathan Fletcher

Paige Alms

Ross Clarke-Jones

Shane Dorian

Tikanui Smith 

Male Alternates

  1. Tyler Larronde

  2. Kyle Shipman

  3. Kohl Christensen

  4. Chris Bertish

  5. Chris Owens

  6. Mike Pietsch

  7. Torrey Meister

  8. Alex Martins

  9. Ryan Seelbach

  10. Matt Bromley

  11. Reef McIntosh

  12. Ezekiel Lau

  13. Jamie Sterling


Female Alternates

  1. Bianca Valenti

  2. Raquel Heckert

  3. Justine Dupont

  4. Silvia Nabuco

  5. Laura Enever



  1. Derek Ho

  2. Garrett McNamara

  3. Jeff Clark

  4. Mike Ho

  5. Mike Parsons

  6. Peter Mel

  7. Tom Carroll

Will The Eddie go this time? We will just have to wait and see.