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Artist Ashley Kaase Captures Hawai’i’s Lush Beauty One Watercolor at a Time

Posted on Wed, 2020/03/18 - 11:32pm by Anonymous

 Written by Mariah Mellor


Ashley Kaase art at Turtle Bay Resort

Inspired by lush botanical gardens and the island's tropical plants, Oahu-based watercolor artist Ashley Kaase’s work reflects the magic she sees in the world. 

“It is my deepest hope that through my work, people can see Hawai‘i the way I do,” says Kaase. “I find myself drawn to the vibrancy of fruit, or a beautiful garden. My fruit pieces are actually inspired by the smoothies I make my children in the summer.”

Ashley Kaase art at Turtle Bay Resort

Thanks to encouraging parents who always bought her art supplies and let her paint the walls, Kaase’s love of the arts began when she was a child.

“They facilitated a great need and respect for art. They always made it feel important and displayed all my work in our family home,” she says.” They are and continue to be my biggest fans to this day.”

Ashley Kaase art at Turtle Bay Resort

Kaase has experience with ceramics, acrylic painting, printmaking, charcoal drawing, and mixed media. However, when it comes to creating pieces about Hawai‘i, watercolor is her outlet of choice.

“Watercolor and Hawai‘i seem to intermingle in my head and pour out as this beautiful and organic reflection of how I feel and what life is like here. Living in Hawai‘i has helped me explore my own roots, and find meaning in my own history.”


Ashley Kaase art at Turtle Bay Resort

Kaase’s work is featured in Turtle Bay’s Kawela Art Gallery until June 30.

Everything on display at Turtle Bay is currently for sale and prints, stickers, greeting cards, tote bags and original works of art are also available on