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Exhibit Highlights Great Hawaii Surf Families

Posted on Tue, 2018/12/18 - 10:04pm by Jessica Gellert

Hawaii Families Surf Exhibit Turtle Bay Resort

Surfing and Ohana (family) are both highly important when it comes to the Hawaiian culture. For a limited time you can experience an intimate exhibit that highlights the stories of Hawaiian surf families. The display titled:Great Hawaiian Surf Families is curated by the California Surf Museum. It is a celebration of Ohana and what it means to the Hawaiian culture.

“Ohana is a primary idea in Hawaiian culture” says Jim Kempton, the President of the California Surf Museum, and curator of the exhibit. “The families presented in this exhibit have passed the traditions of their culture down to the descendants – and their surfing prowess as well. They are perhaps the greatest collection of multi-generational surf families in the history of the sport.”

Each of the families has made their mark on surfing worldwide. Some of the world’s most famous surfers are presented including World Champion Derek Ho, legendary Makaha surf chieftain Buffalo Keaulana, the king of Waimea Bay Eddie Aikau, Jaws record-breaker Laird Hamilton, Pipe Masters Winner Michael Ho, Big Wave World Champion Makua Rothman, Mr. Pipeline Jock Sutherland, Sunset Beach legendary performer Barry Kanaiaupuni, Hawaiian Royal family descendant Titus Kinimaka, and brother and sister World Tour Pros Kelia and Seth Moniz.

Hawaii Families Surf Exhibit Turtle Bay Resort

The exhibit includes iconic surfboards, portraits, stories and surf action images - some of them famous in surf history. Many of these families have members who have won prestigious events, and several have been World Champions.

“The idea of ohana is that family and friends are bound collectively and everyone must work together and not forget each other. Many of the fathers and mothers have served as coaches, mentors and kept the fire alive for surfing as one of the great traditions of Hawaii.” says Kempton.

You can catch the exhibit in Turtle Bay’s lobby near the North Shore Kula Grille. It will be on display from now through the end of February 2019.