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Explore The Hidden Trails At Turtle Bay

Posted on Fri, 2015/06/26 - 4:09pm by Jeff Mull

You may have heard that Turtle Bay is home to more than five miles of jaw-dropping North Shore coastline. But here’s something that you may not have heard: there are more than 12 acres of trails interwoven throughout the resort’s grounds that are perfect for running, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or Segway touring. While we encourage all of our guests to get out and explore the entire North Shore, an entire adventure awaits you right here at the resort. 

Here’s just a few of the extensive trails we recommend trekking doing your next adventure to Turtle Bay.


‘Ano ʻai kākou a me welina!
Discover the two Ahu's on proeprty.  These Hawaiian altars are the ‘ahupua’a demarcation between the ‘ahupua’a land division boundaries of Kawela-Opana to the west and Hanaka’oe to east. 

 ‘Ahupua’a - Literally the altar (‘ahu) of the pig (pua’a), Named for both a land division and the stone altar that serves as a marker.  The ‘ahupua’a system of land management was a cornerstone of traditional Hawaiian life and helped Native Hawaiians to develop one of the most sustainable methods of land use in the world.  Extending from the forested mountains tops mauka  (inland) or the wao akua (region of the gods), through the kula (open plains used for farming) and extending out into makai (ocean), each ‘ahupua’a contained everything its inhabitants needed to sustain life.



Stroll Kawela Bay
In Hawaiian, Kawela translates into “the heat” and this secluded bay offers up a smoking way to take in a hidden side of the North Shore. Situated just on the western end of the resort, Kawela is a short walk from the resort. Get away from the crowds, hike or take a beach run through this serene bay, and enjoy the North Shore for what it is: unspoiled wilderness. 

Take A Run Through the Banyans
If there’s a better way to start the day than a light run through an ironwood forest adjacent to the bright blue sea, than we haven’t found it. Set amid the forest is Turtle Bay's famous Banyan tree. To be blunt: this tree is massive. With its creeping roots, the tree has been featured on numerous television shows and movies, including Lost and Pirates of the Caribbean. Take a run through the forest, catch a glimpse of an iconic North Shore landmark, and get a workout. 

Segway the North Shore
Not feeling like a hiking? Not a problem. Hop on one of our guided Segways and hit the trails. While riding a segway is fun in any environment, when you're surrounded by this much natural beatuy, it's simply unforgettable. You can book a Segway tour through our North Shore Guide's Club or by clicking here