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Find Your True North Shore

Posted on Fri, 2016/03/18 - 11:01am by Jeff Mull

The next time you visit Oahu's  North Shore, experience it like a local. While it’s hard to go wrong here—perfect weather, perfect surf, a perfect community—it can also be difficult to understand the true lay of the land in a single vacation. To see the true North Shore, through the lens of the locals that call this majestic place home, we’re highlighting three tried and tested adventures that you won't necessarily find in the guide books.

Eat A Poke Bowl from the Kahuku Superette
After a day spent in the sun, sand, and surf on the North Shore, there’s nothing more delicious nor local than devouring a poke bowl. And while poke bowls may be all the rage on the mainland, they can’t hold a candle to mouth-watering fresh fish, slathered in shoyu and a secret sauce, all served over a mound of hot rice from the Kahuku Superette. Located just a short drive heading east past Turtle Bay, you’ll find the charming town of Kahuku and the Kahuku Superette. Towards the back of this grocery store, you’ll see an array of fresh poke and marinating meats, neatly displayed before you. Opt for a shoyu ahi poke with rice (a half pound will do the trick) grab a pair of chopsticks from the checkout counter and you’re ready to enjoy an afternoon snack you’ll never forget.

Rent a Beach Cruiser and Hop from Beach to Beach on the Bike Path
The North Shore bike path skirts some of the North Shore’s most famous beaches and serves as a thoroughfare for bike traffic in our idyllic community. Every morning, you’ll see locals riding on the path taking their kids to school, exercising, or simply checking the waves. The bike path makes getting around from Sunset Beach to Sharks Cove a cinch. And best yet, you can rent a bike right here at Turtle Bay, giving you easy access to all of the beaches and sights of the North Shore—just like a local.

Surf a Secret Break with the help of the North Shore Guide's Club
We all know that the North Shore is home to some of the surf world’s most well known waves. Pipeline, Sunset, Rocky Point and Waimea Bay have called out to surfers for decades. But here’s something you might not know: There’s a handful of lesser-sung lineups out of ear shot and eye sight from the masses that are ripe with stellar surf. You just have to know where to look—or better yet, you need someone to show you the ropes. And it turns out, that someone is one of Turtle Bay’s trusty North Shore guides. With their help, the guides will uncover a trove of lineups off the beaten path that you’ll be thinking about for decades to come.