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Five Reasons To Visit Turtle Bay This Winter

Posted on Thu, 2016/09/29 - 12:02pm by Jeff Mull

There are two types of vacations in this great blue world: There are the forgettable, ho-hum getaways, bland, dim, and void of color. A nasty sunburn the only thing you have to show for your travels. Nothing learned, nothing new experienced.

And then, there are adventures.

We’re talking about the type of vacations that you’ll be replaying in your mind every night before you go to bed for years to come. We’re talking about making memories, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and experiencing all of the wonderful things that the world has to offer. That’s the kind of trip we can get behind and that’s the kind of getaway you deserve.

To make your next vacation a true adventure, we’ve gone ahead and crafted up our list of five things you have to experience this winter in Oahu's Turtle Bay.

Play the Palmer Course
: Sadly, the world lost an icon recently when the great Arnold Palmer passed away at 84. Turtle Bay’s connection to Palmer runs deep as he helped to craft the course on property that bears his namesake. Largely regarded as the island’s premier course, Palmer sees players serpentine through some of the most beautiful scenery in the state, including oceanside setups as well as near jungle-like surroundings. If you’re looking for an experience on the links unlike anything else on the island, look no further than the Palmer Course.

Catch Your First Wave
: It’s no secret that the North Shore is considered hallowed ground to surfers far and wide. And while we may have some of the most famous waves in the world—Pipeline, Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach to name just a few—located just minutes from the resort, there’s also a wealth of much more forgiving breaks nearby that offer an easy entry into the sport for beginners. You can even catch your own wave, with the help of veteran North Shore surfers and watermen, without leaving the resort. Once you’ve dug your toes into the wax and felt the joy of sliding down the face of a wave, it’s hard to turn back.


Dinner on the Beach at Sunset at Roy’s Beach House
: Famed Chef Roy Yamaguchi recently debuted the latest restaurant under his wildly successful umbrella right here at Turtle Bay. Yamaguchi is renowned in the culinary world for his part in popularizing fusion cuisine. With staples like seared ahi tuna and miso butterfish as well as new dishes like a refreshing and locally sourced Hau’ula tomato salad on the menu, you’re in for a meal you’ll be talking about for ages. Best of all, the restaurant is quite literally located on the beach, giving you the perfect opportunity to take in a gorgeous North Shore sunset while savoring some of the most mesmerizing fare on the island. 

Celebrate Makahiki Kuilima
: In old Hawaii, the makahiki was a special time of the year. In honor of the god Lono, Hawaiians would put a cease to all conflict and come together to test their athletic skill and celebrate their rich heritage. Today, near the new year, we continue to pay homage to this unique aspect of Hawaiian culture with our own celebration of the makahiki. Held on January 21st, this event is a true festival of Hawaiian culture, complete with hula shows, Hawaiian games, storytelling and so much more. Go beyond the thin veil of Hawaiian culture that’s peddled to the masses and learn the deeper story of this undeniably special people by celebrating the makahiki with us at Turtle Bay. And best yet, the entire event is the brainchild of Naepuni Aloha, a group dedicated to teaching and preserving the Hawaiian culture through their school, Ke Kula ʻo S.M. Kamakau.

Attend Wanderlust
: As one of the most anticipated events of the season, Wanderlust draws health, yoga, and music lovers to Turtle Bay every year for a life-changing celebration. In the past, the likes of Moby have headlined and world-renowned yogis and celebrity chefs helped to forge this amazing event. Running from February 23 to 26, this is the kind of getaway that connects you to future friends, opens up your mind and body to a better lifestyle, and will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged for months to come.