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How To Live Like A North Shore Local

Posted on Tue, 2015/04/21 - 11:39am by Jeff Mull

Want to live like you're on vacation year round? Check out our three tips for living like a North Shore local below.

Move A Little Slower. Life on the North Shore moves at its own cadence. While a New Yorker might thumb his nose at the pace of life here in paradise, we take a great pride in enjoying the moment, of letting life steep. Yes, we may drive a little slower, and yes, we may chat a little longer, but it’s those moments—those little every day glances out the window or catching up with an old friend—that make up the good life. If you want to truly live like a North Shore local, look up from your phone, take in your surroundings, and smile at life.

Exercise in the Morning. We know it’s easier to wake up early and go for a run when the air is in the mid 70s. But, and we’re pretty confident here, your day will always be better if you wake up and exercise. No one ever came back from a beach run (or depending where you live a trail run or jog through a park) and regretted it. While it should come as no surprise, exercise isn’t just good for your body, but it’s vital for fostering a healthy mind as well.  

Barbecue More. There are few things in this life that are more soul warming than sharing a meal cooked over an open flame with the people you care about. It’s the way we as humans have ended our days for hundreds of thousands of years. This act, essentially barbecuing, is interwoven into our DNA. And here on the North Shore, we can’t get enough of it. Family cookouts at sunset are an integral part of who we are. And while the food is undeniably delicious, it’s about connecting with people as much as it is about filling your stomach.

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Thank You tennents to live by
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Sounds like I need to move how will main lander be accepted in paradise