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It's A Shootout

Posted on Tue, 2015/01/06 - 1:52pm by Jeff Mull


The holding period for the famous Da Hui Backdoor Shootout is slated to commence on Oahu’s North Shore on January 7, with live action broadcast online at Held at the notoriously dangerous lineup at Pipeline, the event—with its unique team format—has drawn some of the world’s best surfers to North Shore for years. But this year, the event is taking on a new format in the spirit of the great Duke Kahanamoku and will include divisions for longboarding, SUP, bodysurfing, and bodyboarding.

The event will still maintain the team format that the Shootout has become famous for, but brings back the prestige of the enigmatic Duke Invitational by inviting Hawaii's leading and most respected Waterman for the ultimate showcase of diverse surfing prowess at the North Shore's most legendary wave.

In the past, overall team winners are crowned at events end along with an individual surfer who posts the highest scoring rides. Both the North Shore’s John John Florence and Reef McIntosh have claimed wins at the esteemed comp

The following industry brands will each have a team competing in the event:

  1. Hurley
  2. Quiksilver
  3. Volcom
  4. RVCA
  5. NS Surf Shop
  6. Da Hui Wax
  7. Red Bull
  8. Fox

To catch all of the action live, go to We’ll keep you posted when the opening horn blows.